The Body Fat Calculator of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch

Samsung has introduced a new watch – Galaxy Watch 4 which has the capability to measure the fat percentage of our body and the mass of the body muscles. Samsung has introduced this body composition feature in their latest watch by joining with amazon, which created the Halo Band feature.

The Halo Band feature of Amazon works through smartphone cameras. Users take four photos of their bodies and combined them into a 3D image. Then, Amazon’s tool uses machine learning to calculate the user’s body fat percentage. The method which is typically used to measure body fat is Body Mass Index (BMI) which is considered as a wrong method. However, medical experts suggest that measuring body fat instead of body weight is suitable to assess the health of the body. This new Galaxy watch measures body fat by using the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which sends a weak electric current through the body. This technique basically calculates the amount of water in the body. The electric signal moves more quickly through tissue that has higher percentages of water. Since fat has a lower water content than muscle, the technique can estimate how much fat is present in a person’s body. Although Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is comparatively good, it also has limitations. Since there’s no proper one-to-one ratio between body water content and body fat sometimes the measurements may go wrong.

Samsung watch has fixed the sensors at the back of the watch. The Healthcare Sensor Lab of Samsung conducted a study to verify the results given by this watch. In the study, the body compositions of 203 people were analyzed by the watch, two other BIA devices, and a device that uses dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) – an X-ray technique that shows fat distribution through the body, which is considered the gold standard for body composition measurement. The study proved that on an overall basis, the watch was performing as same as the smart scale. The Halo Bands of Amazon and the Samsung Watch are not performing similarly as Halo Bands only calculate the body fat but not muscles.  However, both these tech devices are performing better than the typical BMI. This has arisen the curiosity of the audience about these products. 

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