Sony’s PlayStation 5 could soon have access to Apple Music

Since its November introduction, Spotify has been a music streaming option for the PS5, allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes while gaming. However, the console may support Apple Music in the near future.

The first hint came from a Reddit user who provided a screenshot showing Apple Music in the PS5’s music menu. The option appeared when they created a new Spotify account and attempted to link it. Eurogamer, the British video game journalism website owned by Gamer Network, claims this is a standard error message when an app isn’t available, so it appears the app didn’t work. The Reddit user also uploaded a photo of an error notice that read, “This app can only be played on PS4”. When creating a new US account, Eurogamer was able to see the Apple Music option, but it couldn’t recreate it.

According to Reddit users and Eurogamer, the Apple Music choice is inconsistent, which means that Sony and Apple may have given them an early look at something new. There appears to be a link between the two firms since they recently collaborated on an Apple TV Plus promotion for PS5 owners. Last year, Apple Music was made available on Samsung smart TVs, demonstrating its willingness to make the program available on platforms other than its own. Also, the app is launching just days before Apple’s October 18th event, which could serve as a platform for announcing the app’s PS5 release by both Apple and Sony at that time.

And with that, I bid you farewell, for now, readers! We’ll be back in a few days with something new and intriguing to discuss.

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