The Autonomous Taxis and Trucks of Aurora

Aurora is an autonomous vehicle company founded by Chris Urmson, the pioneering personality in developing self-driving vehicles. The Company recently announced that they are going to introduce autonomous trucks and taxis for their customers via subscriptions.

Aurora says its self-driving trucks and ride-hailing vehicles won’t be available until 2023 and 2024, respectively. However, the Company has exposed more details regarding the effective ways to use these vehicles for commercial purposes. This Trucking service is named “Aurora Horizon,” which could provide a reliable and efficient driver supply operated by the Aurora Driver.  The Company has designated the software and the hardware utilized for the driving purpose of these vehicles as “The Aurora Driver”. As a result of the “Aurora Connect” ride-hailing service, vehicles equipped with the Company’s Driver technology will be able to integrate ride-hailing network software and serve as taxis. Rather than serving individual truckers or passengers on ride-hailing services, Aurora will cater to the logistics industry and fleet operators because Aurora has identified that their target audience falls on logistics and other related fields but not on the general public rather the individuals. In this way, Aurora wants to set itself apart from other autonomous vehicle companies that aim to be both technology providers and fleet operators simultaneously. Aurora’s decision to charge a monthly subscription fee for its self-driving cars is something new in this industry. There is a mission control system called Aurora Beacon and roadside assistance and extended support program dubbed Aurora Shield, available to Aurora Horizon and Aurora Connect subscribers, respectively. However,  Aurora is not ready to reveal the cost of the subscription services yet. 

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