The New Focus Blocks in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an application for organizing your time and planning events built by Google to schedule appointments and events. It was first made available as a beta version on April 13, 2006, and then as a public release in July 2009, both on the web and as mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems. Event creation and editing are both possible with Google Calendar.

During the workweek, it might be challenging to carve out dedicated concentration time. Google is introducing new devoted concentration-time entries to Calendar to make scheduling dedicated work blocks a little bit more convenient. When you enter concentrate time, a little headphones symbol appears on your Calendar. It is possible to better provide a different colour to these entries to distinguish them from other items on your agenda. Concentration time entries may be set up to automatically refuse meetings that are planned within that time block if desired, which can guarantee that your focus time remains open and free of bothersome meetings. Meeting and concentrated work time entries will also display in your “Time insights” panel, allowing you to see how much of your time is spent in meetings and how much is spent on focused work.

Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus customers will use focus time entries starting from October 20. However, they will not be available to all Calendar users; instead, they will be available to customers who have purchased Education Fundamentals, Education Teaching & Learning Upgrade, Education Standard, Education Plus, and Nonprofits.

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