Zoox Autonomous Robotaxi

Amazon unveils Zoox with a new angle of Artificial Intelligence

Have you heard of a self-driven car with Artificial Intelligence? Yeah, ai has over ridden replacing human to an automated car.

Have you heard of a self-driving car by any chance? Yes of course you might have and also thought it will be the new future of cars. Right? Well, Amazon reached a one step ahead introducing Zoox an autonomous taxi made using Artificial Intelligence, robotics and latest technologies in December 2020. Zoox is a different to other taxis because it’s self-driven, safe, bio friendly and lot more comfortable. Safety comes first when it comes to taxis because we see specially ladies face difficult situations when riding with taxi drivers, where Uber was introduced with safety measures allowing the passengers to report and contact Uber directly having the potion to penalize the driver. But what is more exciting other than having no driver and no risk of harassment, which we can see that Zoox will over ride Uber time in no time.

Zoox, Artificial Intelligence, What?

Zoox is a special ride hailing taxi designed and manufactured by Amazon with their slogan “The future is for riders”. The specialty is it’s a fully functional robot taxi which rides in a speed of 75 miles per hour and no vehicle is speed and smooth as Zoox. Robot taxis are there in movies but now in real life too, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and super technological advancement. Zoox is designed with 4 passenger seating with the capability of riding front, backwards and side to side. The inside space of Zoox is fully occupied with face to face seating and no steering wheel, bench seating seen in usual cars. 

Artificial Intelligence plays a main role in environmental sustainability. Every vehicle we use doesn’t help the environment in any way due to carbon emission. Where, Zoox is developed as a solution to this problem making it a bio friendly vehicle. Imagine roads only with Zooxs and we as human will be in a better place protecting the environment. 

What’s so special about Zoox?

The difference of Zoox is that it’s a fully safeguarded robot taxi.  As presumed, it has over 100 safety mechanisms where we can’t see in any usual car. It has a special air bag system where it encircles two of the passengers in both sides providing side and forward cushioning in an emergency situation. Also, Zoox has passed Automobile Testing in compliance with FMVSS standards ensuring occupant crash protection, which give us the feel of safety we want in any new taxi we are willing to ride in future. Of course, Zoox is the future of ride hailing giving the priority to riders allowing not to worry at all about the driver. Zoox can be active for two thirds of a full day by charging it over night as it contains a front and a rear battery packs combined giving a 33kWh of energy. The most exciting fact is that Zoox has individual active suspension in the four corners of the riders allowing a smooth and a comfortable ride for the passengers. 

This Artificial Intelligence driven, round cornered, box typed taxi straight away reminds us of other robot taxis like Continental Cube as Zoox because of its outside design, four wheels, fully glassed shutters and the height which is similar to an average height of a woman allowing it easy to get in to the taxi and get out with no hassle. Full usage of Artificial Intelligence in Zoox can be seen through the accessories implanted inside the taxi. A built-in screen to check the destination and a wireless charging pad for each of the passenger is not something usual we see in taxis. Zoox also comes with a unique sensoring system including cameras, radar and LIDAR allowing to have a 270-degree view of four corners of the vehicle eradicating the blind spots and with the ability to track the closest objects around it including pedestrians, cyclists vehicles and others.  The look and feel of interior itself are manifesting as premium material used for seating, ceiling with starlight headliners and a cup holder for each passenger which is necessary for each of us tackling a busy day.

Bottom line

Zoox is the future of ride hailing even though it could be very expensive than usual taxis since it’s a robot taxi. But it’ll be worth the use due to the facilities and Artificial Intelligence usage it has. Who wouldn’t love to ride in an AI robot taxi? Not only it’s tech supervision but the help it does to the environmental sustainability is astounding for a better future. Stay in touch with us for more interesting facts about Zoox when it’s ready for rides.  

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