The New Features of Zoom

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a Zoom Video Communications-developed, video teleconferencing software program. The free plan supports up to 100 concurrent participants and has a time limit of 40 minutes. Users can upgrade to a paid plan by subscribing to one. With the global pandemic, we are facing these days, the use of zoom has exponentially increased. Recently, Zoom announced that they would upgrade their features to make a more convenient platform for their users.

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Zoom has planned to extend their automatic live transcriptions by adding live translations and turning their whiteboard feature into a fully featured app. The company announced these changes at the Zoomtopia conference. Automatic live transcriptions / closed captions in English were expected to be coming to free Zoom accounts in February 2021. Zoom now declared that they would enable real-time transcription for about 30 languages by the end of next year. They will also offer a real-time translation service for almost 12 languages for users using paid accounts. This is also panned to come out by the end of next year. Zoom hasn’t published an exact date when this feature is available and for what languages they offer this service, but convinced that this is a result of the machine learning know-how it gained by acquiring German translation company Kites. 

The other significant change is Zoom’s whiteboard feature. You can create and share whiteboards with the current version of Zoom, but the upgraded whiteboard feature of zoom will make the whiteboards available outside of meetings in Zoom apps and web. The tools you find in the current version will still be there; the only thing that changes is how Zoom treats Whiteboard as a product alongside video calls, rather than a feature that lives inside them. You are also given a chance to add sticky notes, drawings, and comments on your boards and view them whenever you want. Not only that, but the zoom will also appear on Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms early next year. As Zoom explains, the shared VR meeting space will host video meetings and connect to Zoom Whiteboard. In VR, you can pin a Zoom Whiteboard to your virtual desk or the wall for everyone to see and draw along with colleagues attending a meeting through a traditional computer.

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