History of Robotics & its Application

Robotics is the process of manufacturing machines that are automated and which can replicate human potential in performing different tasks. This term “Robotics” has derived from the Czech word “Robot” which means forced labor. This term was first used in a role-play named R.U.R. by Capek in the year 1920. However, in 1942, a science fiction novel named Runaround was published by Isaac Asimov and the term robotics was included in that fiction. 

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With the rapid development of technology, the world has stepped from the airplane era to the flying cars era and the usage of Robotics has also reached exponential growth. Using robotics to make processes more efficient was first started in the year 1954. This robot was designed in the form of an arm and was used for the hydraulic heavy lifting processes. It was designed by an American engineer George Devol and it was developed by Unimation Inc.; a company founded in 1956 by American engineer Joseph Engelberger. Gradually, this first-ever industrial stationary Robot started conquering the world, by giving its efficient service to different sectors worldwide. Unimate Arm is considered the first member of the Robotics family. Later this arm was upgraded to a better level with sensors and gave the ability to be controlled by computers. 

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Today, with the increasing cost of labor, the world has tended to use more robotics instead of using human labor to do different processes related to different industries. Countries find using robotics is more efficient as Robots don’t demand compensations, allowances, and labor rights. Moreover, robots can even work in hazardous environments where humans can’t even think of working. Currently, the usage of robots is observed in almost all industries globally. The dog-like robot invented by Sony Corporation in the year 1999 is an example of using Robotics in the Toy industry. The dog was named AIBO and it consisted of motors for its legs, microphones, and cameras which were integrated by micro-processes. Later, robotics were used in space investigation processes, in the research and development field. Today, Robots are widely used in the medical sector, especially when treating and detecting patients who are suffering from COVID 19. In 2020, a robots-assisted Isolation Hospital for COVID-19 patients was constructed in Sri Lanka which was improvised by the Sri Lanka Army. The first-ever humanoid robot developed by Sri Lanka was named Diyazen which can perform natural language processing and dialogue management. Likewise, the usage of Robotics has increased a great deal globally.

Over the decades, robotic technology has helped the world to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. The world is slowly transforming to a Robot era where all the industries are mainly led by Robots.

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