The Conversation Recording Feature of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social audio app for iOS and Android where users can communicate in audio chat rooms that accommodate groups of thousands of people. This was developed by Alpha Exploration Co. The company recently announced that the new features they have introduced for Clubhouse are available for users from this October.

From October 2021, the Clubhouse users are given the chance for in-app recording. They will also be able to record a room, save it to their profile and club, or download it. Clubhouse has named these features “replays.” From October onwards, the Creators and moderators who are using Clubhouse will be able to record, and they can toggle that option on or off. It is also declared that Rooms must be made public if you want to record them. With this full recording feature, users are also given the chance to create a 30-second clip that is shareable in rooms that allow it. The app has introduced another search feature that enables the users to type a keyword or name and receive the rooms, people, clubs, and bios that match. Finally, spatial audio is also now coming to Android devices after rolling out to iOS devices in August. 

To create a clip, users can tap on a scissor icon that will capture the past 30 seconds of audio that can then be locally downloaded and shared widely. These new features address key problems in Clubhouse that have been there for a prolonged period of time. Currently, the best way to promote a Clubhouse room is to tweet or post about it somewhere else. The clips tool might draw more people in and bring them to the app to hear the rest of an ongoing conversation. In-app search should also solve some of that as people hunt for rooms that might interest them, rather than relying on the algorithm to promote them. these new features have given the chance for Clubhouse to compete with the Twitter Spaces by enabling the recording feature. Most probably, these social audio platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter might end up becoming the place where people record podcasts and other content in public, having the goal of editing that content once a session is complete and distributing it more as a podcast. 

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