The New Smart Faucet of Moen

Recently, Moen unveiled their latest smart faucet: the Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control. The new function enables hands-free operation by utilizing gestures to regulate temperature and flow. However, you can still have a handle if you so desire. The concept is that you operate the faucet by swiping and pushing against the sensor to obtain hot, warm, or cold water. The Moen Smart Water App should allow you to adjust the default temperatures and motions.

The Moen Smart Faucet with Motion’s handle-free design is a minimalist’s dream. The new faucet includes all the old Moen Smart Faucet’s capabilities, including voice activation (with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). There are two handle-free versions and four that have a more typical control option at launch. Pricing begins at $675 and ranges according to style and quality, and the collection will be available for purchase in April 2022.

Additionally, Moen announced synergies between its smart faucet and other smart water devices, as well as the launch of its new Smart Water Network, a domestic smart water ecosystem built around Moen’s Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. As part of Moen’s Smart Water Network, all of its smart gadgets will communicate with one another. Moen Smart Faucet, Smart Leak Detector, Smart Sump Pump Monitor, Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, and Moen Smart Shower controller, from left.

When used in conjunction with other Moen devices and controlled via the Moen Smart Water app, a homeowner should be able to instruct the system to winterize itself by shutting off water to the house and purging the waterline via the faucet and shower. When it’s time to restart the pipes, a Health Protect feature should flush the water lines to prevent dirt, debris, or germs buildup. Additionally, the system incorporates a built-in freeze prevention mechanism. When it detects excessive pressure or low temperatures that could cause a pipe to burst, it can immediately turn off the home via the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff and then cleanse the waterline using the Moen faucet and shower. The integration of the Moen Smart Water App with the smart faucet will begin in 2022, followed by the integration of the smart shower in 2023.This level of integration now demands a significant investment in goods from a single vendor. Still, the whole-home approach to protecting and monitoring a home’s critical infrastructure is a vital component of the smart home’s viable future.,f_auto,h_1200,t_base/v3/product/moen/SmartWaterNetworkCarousel.jpg

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