China’s Rocket Mishap: A Setback for Space Ambitions?

In the face of challenges, the Chinese space industry has shown remarkable resilience and significant development in the latest year, 2023. Moreover, there has been a substantial improvement in private space institutions, a testament to the industry’s adaptability and growth.

The country conducted 17 commercial space launches. Galactic Energy’s CERES-1 rocket launch, Landspace’s Zhuque-2 rocket launch and Galaxy Space’s Lingxi-03 satellite are examples of their achievements.

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and the government support the commercial rocket sector, which has hugely impacted the industry.

However, the latest news about the Chinese space industry is that a Chinese rocket crashed after an ‘accidental’ launch. The rocket, called Tianlong-3, was seen in videos on social media falling back to Earth and exploding on a hillside in Henan province on Sunday (June 30th).

This accident happened because of a structural problem. The good thing is that no one was hurt. Due to this space test, all people who lived in this area were removed. ‘Tianlong-3’ was built in China. Its speciality is that it is built to be used more than once, whereas most rockets are normally used once.

‘Tianbing Technology’ company has developed this rocket. They are a Chinese aerospace company developing reusable orbital rocket technology. Reusable rockets like the Tianlong-3 are a technological advancement arbitrarily undertaken, and it will reduce the cost of repeated launching involved in space missions.

China has been making massive strides in space technology recently. The Tianlong-3 forms part of a broader innovation effort to stand tall again compared with international competition. The supposed function is to make space travel more sustainable and cost-efficient through reusable rockets, much like corporations like SpaceX.

Eyewitness footage captured on Sunday (June 30) showed a Chinese space rocket accidentally launching during a test before it fell and crashed in a hilly area of the city of Gongyi in central China.

The space industry is rapidly growing, and technology is being advanced. You can stay updated on this kind of tech insights with Buzyfeed.

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