Alexa is Now Giving More Time to Answer Questions

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant technology that has been developed by Amazon. This virtual assistant is simply known as Alexa and was first used in the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Echo Dot, Echo Studio and Amazon Tap speakers developed by Amazon Lab126. This intelligent voice assistant has the potential to perform multiple tasks. Simply you can use your voice to command Alexa and make it set alarms, reminders, play music, answer questions, search the internet, and control smart home devices for you. Amazon recently announced that they had added another cool feature for Alexa.

The new feature has allotted more time for the users to finish the question you need to ask from Alexa before Alexa responds to you. This feature will be helpful for you if you belong to the category of people who were always wondering about having more time to finish their statement/question for Alexa before A;exa starts responding to them. On the other hand, this feature will be genuinely a blessing for the people with speech impediments who require more time to express their problems to Alexa. You can turn this feature on by using the Alexa app. Amazon declared that Android users are allowed to type their requests for Alexa in the app. Typing feature would be helpful when you don’t want to use voice notes to clarify your issue. This feature was launched for the iOS version of the Alexa app in December 2020. This version is in public review for US users. However, Apple and Google are also offering similar features for their respective digital assistants. 

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