Instagram’s New Feature to Give an Order to Your Jumbled Feed

If you are an Instagram user, you must have experienced the annoying feeling you get when you can’t find your favourite update from the feed. You have to go through a pool of posts to find that one post you fancy. This is irritating, that is why Instagram has planned to introduce this new feature which will help the users to find their favourite posts from their chaotic feed. This feature is named “Favorites”.

This feature will help you to categorize you’re the accounts you are following so that you can prioritize those accounts. Then, those prioritized accounts will come to the top of your feed when you scroll. You might feel this feature is familiar because Instagram tested a different “favourite” feature in 2017 which lets you post for the audience you want. You were given the opportunity to limit the exact audience. However, this new feature will give you more control over your feed where you can tell Instagram which accounts really matters to you. You can follow any account on Instagram, but you are given the ability to prioritize the accounts you really need, maybe your friends or family over the accounts you follow. The posts of the prioritized accounts will come on the top of the feed of Instagram once you open the app. Currently, Instagram ranks the posts on your feed by considering how recent the posts were published, the posts of the accounts you follow or the accounts you have engaged mostly. Those posts may not contain the facts that you are actually looking for and may create an annoying mood for you. This is the core reason why Instagram has planned to introduce this feature to the users. It’s not clear whether this Favorites feature will become an official feature at all or if it will change before it’s rolled out more broadly. In the meantime, you just might see this feature in your account menu, just below “Close Friends” — a feature that lets you control who you share your Stories with.

Instagram lovers going to enjoy this new feature for sure! So, that’s it for today, folk! We shall meet soon with another interesting article!

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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