Participants’ microphones and cameras will be able to be turned off by Google Meet hosts

According to a blog post published by the firm, organizers of Google Meets will soon turn off participants’ microphones or cameras and prevent those participants from turning them back on.

How does it work?

When appropriately used, the feature could be a helpful tool for meeting hosts in preventing disruptive or loud guests from repeatedly interrupting meetings, even after they have been muted. It will be turned off by default; hosts will have to set it on if they wish to use the microphone and camera lock features when hosting meetings. If your meeting includes breakout rooms, any audio and/or video locks set up in the main room will be applied to other rooms. This is not the case in the reverse direction, which means that locks placed in specific breakout rooms will not be applied in other or the main room.

You may be ejected out of a meeting if the hosts switch on the locks; if they’re turned on ahead of time, and you’re using one of the older applications, you won’t be allowed to join the meeting at all if you’re using one of the older apps. According to Google, turning off the locks will allow those using older apps to participate in a meeting without being blocked.

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