The emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

#1 What is AI 

The past year was crucial to the whole world due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus. The impact form the virus was not only limited to one industry, but was engulfing almost all the industries in the world. Due to the pandemic resulted from the outbreak of the virus, the usage of  AI was highly observed and people tend to dive deep in this field to grab more knowledge.  

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Actually, what is AI? 

Well, Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer sciences that connects with the development of intelligent machines which have the ability to think and work like humans. For example, speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning could be cited.  

AI is considered a core product which was born after the 4th industrial revolution. It’s worth to  have a look at the ways this AI is used in this pandemic situation in order to maintain the  sustainability of the resilience.

AI and Covid-19 

With this current pandemic situation AI is considered as an important non-medical intervention  which could be effectively used to eradicate the current health crisis worldwide. It is also treated  as a medium to deliver knowledge about the mitigation practices which could be implemented to avoid future epidemic threats and to make the recovery processes more resilient. Governments  use AI mostly in tracking the progress of the virus or to prioritize the scarce resources. Moreover,  more developed AI applications could be used to track the locations of infected patients, the  houses which are quarantined or isolated. AI applications would also help in the distribution of  goods to those isolated or quarantines locations in the best possible manner.  

The Department of Veterans Affairs of United States uses risk scores scheme which is  individualized to allocate medical resources to people with Covid-19 and the prisoners with Covid symptoms in prisons are detected by processing inmates’ phone calls. Voice based detection of  infection is another AI based method practiced by USA.

Sri Lanka also uses AI technologies in order to control the spreading of the Virus. University of Peradeniya of Sri Lanka has initiated a project to identify the variants of COVID -19 and other epidemics. They are planning to mitigate the effects from these diseases on women, children and all the other parties in the societies of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. For these processes they have planned to use advanced AI technologies and devices. 

These are some of the mitigation methods which are practiced by the world to eradicate the effect  from the Virus with the aid of AI. 

Stay tuned with us for more updates about the application of AI in the mitigating process of Covid 19 Virus! 

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