Angela Simmons’ Apology for Gun-Shaped Clutch: A Fashion Moment Gone Wrong at the BET Awards

Angela Simmons has responded to the backlash for bringing a gun-shaped clutch to the 2024 BET Awards.

Angela Simmons is famous as an actress, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. She is best known for her role in the reality TV series Run’s House, which aired from 2005 to 2009. We see her frequently at public events. Also, she shares her ideas on social media about her personal and career life. She has 8 million followers on Instagram now.

She recently became the talk of the town for her different fashion at the BET Awards. She attended the awards show with an arms-inspired accessory: a green gun-shaped clutch in her hands, which matched her outfit. It became conversational.

Angela got a lot of criticism because of this outfit. After that, she opened up about these criticisms and apologized. ‘I didn’t have any intentions of ruffling anyone’s feathers. It seems like everyone or a couple of people, I’ll say, are a little upset. I didn’t mean any harm. Super, super peaceful. I’m sorry if it bothered anyone, but that’s not me; that’s not how I am.’

Furthermore, she talked about the sad experiences in her personal life. Angela has a six-year-old son with her late ex. Angela said she had to tell the child about the tragic death when the boy thought he had seen his dad in a vehicle similar to the one his father drove.

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‘I was with my son, and super emotional right, even to talk about it. He was looking out the window, and he was like, “Daddy, white car,” she recalled.

Angela Simmons gun purse causes turmoil(BET Awards) | Cardi B talks politics

Angela said. ‘It’s not like he’s fully conversational yet, so this is what kind of makes it emotional. He was like, “Is he alive?”’

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